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Learn about our virtual reality real estate project with the Enalte team.


Like many companies during 2020, especially those focused on the real estate market, Enalte faced a significant challenge due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The team needed to showcase their properties to interested clients without creating a potentially dangerous environment, so they decided to bring them into a completely virtual environment.

Thanks to the creative thinking and cutting-edge technology that characterizes New Discovery, Enalte developed a platform allowing people worldwide to look at the goods in the company’s catalog. With a significant emphasis on Campos Elíseos – Cerrada Norte – all this from the comfort of their own devices!
With this innovative approach, Enalte has revolutionized the home viewing experience: you can make your next home visit without leaving your couch!

This collaboration of the two teams enabled the development of virtual reality real estate tours.


Enalte experienced a revolutionary transformation in their approach to business by utilizing our integrated services of Marketing Strategies and Immersive Technology.

Through two of our three business units (Media and Tech), Enalte succeeded with innovative strategies designed with their objectives in mind. Our collaboration allowed them to move towards new horizons previously unimaginable.


New Discovery Tech developed three different projects for Enalte

enalte virtual reality

Augmented Reality App for the real estate sector

The first one was an Augmented Reality App for the promotion of land available for housing construction, which works as a communication tool to facilitate contact between people who might be interested and Enalte’s sales staff.

Virtual Reality App for the real estate sector

The second project is a Virtual Reality App that allows people to visualize a house made or furnished based on their specific requirements, creating a sense of excitement and expectation.

WebVR Enalte

For the third project, our team developed a WebVR vision, a more practical and accessible way to visualize AR and VR houses but from the Enalte website.

Landing Page for New Discovery Media

On the other side, our New Discovery – Media made an interactive landing page for Campos Eliseos – Cerrada Norte promotion. The landing was optimized through an SEO positioning strategy, giving Enalte more local digital awareness. The Landing Page Campos Elíseos – Cerrada Norte is ready and optimized to appear in the main search engines. 



  • Landing Page.
  • SEO Positioning Strategy 


  • Desarrollo de proyectos en Realidad Virtual
  • Desarrollo de proyectos en Realidad Aumentada
  • Desarrollo de proyecto WebVR

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