5 Augmented Reality Projects Transforming the Industrial Sector

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The industrial sector is ripe for transformation with augmented reality (AR). AR has the potential to increase efficiency, safety, and accuracy in a variety of industries such as manufacturing, healthcare, oil and gas, and more. Here are 5 AR projects that are already making waves in the industrial sector:

1. Daqri Smart Helmet

The Daqri Smart Helmet is an AR headset that provides workers with real-time data and instructions superimposed over their field of view. The helmet is equipped with an array of sensors that can detect hazardous conditions and provide wearers with alerts accordingly. The helmet also has a built-in thermal camera that can be used to spot potential leaks and hot spots.

2. Aramco World Rescue Training Center

The Aramco World Rescue Training Center in Saudi Arabia uses AR to train first responders in a variety of simulated Environments. The training center features a full-scale mock-up of an oil refinery, complete with hazards that responders must identify and mitigate. AR allows trainees to experience realistic scenarios without putting themselves in actual danger. 

3. MxR Lab’s Smart Glasses

MxR Lab’s Smart Glasses are designed for use in warehouse and factory settings. The glasses provide hands-free access to data and instructions, allowing workers to stay focused on their tasks while still being able to reference information as needed. The glasses also feature a head-up display that projects information directly into the wearer’s field of view. 

4. Airbus’ SkyLens HUDs 

Airbus’ SkyLens HUDs are being used by airline pilots for enhanced situational awareness during takeoffs and landings. The HUDs project critical flight information directly onto the windshield, freeing up the pilots’ attention so they can focus on flying the plane. 

5. Johnson & Johnson’s Surgical Trainer 

Johnson & Johnson’s Surgical Trainer is an AR tool that allows surgeons to practice complex procedures in a safe, realistic environment. The trainer projects images of organs and tissues onto a patient mannequin, giving surgeons a lifelike experience without having to put an actual patient at risk. 

AR is already making a big impact in the industrial sector with its ability to increase efficiency, safety, and accuracy. These 5 projects are just a snapshot of what’s possible with this technology; as AR continues to evolve, we can only expect even more innovative applications in the years to come.