Creating on a Budget: The Top Free Graphic Design Software in 2023

Discover the Best Free Graphic Design Tools in 2023. Boost your creativity with free software. Explore now!
Discover the Best Free Graphic Design Tools in 2023. Boost your creativity with free software. Explore now!

Today, it is crucial to have graphic design software that allows you to harness your creative abilities. These tools have evolved to provide features that enhance creativity and visual communication.

Do you have a limited budget for graphic design software? Don’t worry; we’ll show you the best free options to support your work as a designer.

The Importance of Graphic Design

Why do you think graphic design applications are so relevant? There are many reasons to highlight, including the following:

  • It helps in representing a company or organization through a brand that others can identify with.
  • Visual expression is a form of communication that helps convey a company’s messages.
  • Today, graphic design has become a tool for promoting products, services, and new ideas.

All these benefits of graphic design have been enhanced through software tools. It’s now much easier to create creative content with goals aimed at promoting a service.

Free Graphic Design Tools in 2023

Not familiar with the main tools you can use for free graphic design? We’ll introduce you to some of the most interesting options.


What sets PhotoDirector apart is its comprehensive feature set. Here are some of its characteristics:

  • It offers over 4 million royalty-free photos and multi-layer templates that greatly facilitate the editing process. Additionally, it leverages artificial intelligence to provide solutions to users.
  • It is compatible with Windows and macOS, and it’s entirely free. You can try the paid version for 30 days.
  • This graphic design software isn’t geared toward a specific use, making it suitable for both beginners and experts.
  • The interface is highly intuitive and supports layer-based editing.

If there’s a reason to choose this free design software, it’s because it offers all the essential features. This makes it useful and adaptable for various design tasks.


If you’re looking for a specialized tool for web design, Figma is the top choice. Some of its online graphic design system features include:

  • It’s usable on any computer via a web browser and has an overall rating of 4.5.
  • While it’s free, there are subscription plans ranging from $12 to $45 per month to unlock premium features.
  • It offers excellent customization options with OpenType and automatic design adjustments when resizing or modifying elements.
  • It’s designed for individuals focusing on web design, utilizing collaborative work tools.

The ability to draw in any direction through vector networks and create widgets are significant advantages of this software. That’s why Figma stands out as one of the best options in this list.


Canva is one of the most popular free graphic design tools today, and for a good reason. It offers numerous features that few other applications can match:

  • You can use it on both Windows and Mac, or directly in a web browser. CreativeBloq rates it 4 out of 5.
  • It has a free version with many functions, though you can subscribe to the annual premium plan for $119.99.
  • Its standout feature is the background remover for photos and excellent video editing tools for Reels or TikTok.
  • This tool is beginner-friendly due to its intuitive interface and offers over 200,000 design templates and a million image options.

Canva has everything you need for free designs without the need for a subscription. You’ll even have access to 1 terabyte of cloud storage for your convenience.


Next up is a tool specifically designed for Mac devices, known as Vectornator. It highlights the importance of typography in design:

  • G2 rates it with 4.5 stars, and it’s entirely free.
  • Notable advantages include the ability to undo actions endlessly and templates for social media.
  • This tool enables UI designers to offer a more user-friendly interface.

Vectornator also offers automated tools to vectorize text and images. This, coupled with the ability to import text from other sources, makes it one of the best choices available.


Collaborative work is essential today, and tools like Vectr consistently demonstrate it. Why choose this graphic software? Let’s find out:

  • It’s compatible with web browsers and has a rating of 4.4 stars according to G2.
  • It’s free and offers a pen tool for creating vectors.
  • You can design watermarks and modify them as you wish.
  • Thanks to its collaboration features, you can work on projects with others in real-time.

Vectr is unique in that it operates solely online, ensuring you don’t have to worry about disk space.

Corel Vector

This application reminds us of the importance of color in design. If we have to highlight the key points of Corel Vector, we can talk about the following:

  • Designed for the browser and rated 4.2 stars by G2.
  • It costs $69.99 per year, with a 15-day free trial available.
  • It offers unlimited cloud storage and supports TrueType and OpenType.
  • The color palette is a standout feature that updates according to your design.

Corel Vector is conceived as an option for exploring advanced features. This includes customizable blending modes and adjustable transparency to suit your needs.


Illustration is also a significant aspect of design, especially when it comes to unleashing creativity. That’s why Krita has become a highly sought-after free design software:

  • As mentioned before, it’s free to use and available on Mac, Linux, or Windows.
  • It’s rated 4.4 by G2 and offers exciting features like the brush stabilizer.
  • You can view each frame of an animation separately and modify brushes.

It’s interesting how this application provides access to a wide variety of brushes for illustration. Combined with the ability to create 2D animations, Krita is a powerful design software.

Mega Creator

What if we told you there’s a graphic design software not designed for designers? It might sound confusing, but Mega Creator promises to be the ideal option for those unfamiliar with this world:

  • AI allows you to automate many design actions.
  • You’ll have access to many images to work with through design layers.
  • With a vast list of pre-designed elements, it makes work easier for non-professional designers.
  • It’s used in a web browser and is rated 4.3 by Sumo.

Without a doubt, Mega Creator offers excellent features for those who are learning to design. Even if you’re not a designer but need to create some designs, it can be very useful.


Today, designs should encourage users to interact and take action. This is what applications like Genially aim to achieve. Are you ready to learn more about it?

  • According to PCMag, it’s rated 3.5 and is available in any web browser.
  • It’s free and offers premium packages ranging from $7.99 to $79.99.
  • Interactions are pre-designed in Genially templates.
  • With elements like buttons, links, or text, you can easily create interactions with this app.
  • This software is intended for anyone with limited design knowledge.

It’s worth noting that the power of this application allows experienced designers to take full advantage of it. Genially shifts the focus of design to introduce interactions.


Many applications demonstrate the full potential of Mac devices when it comes to graphic design. This is the case with Sketch, which stands out for the following details:

  • It’s exclusively for Mac and has a 4-star rating on TrustRadius.
  • You can use it for free for 30 days. After that, you’ll need to pay an annual fee of $99.
  • You can even edit in pixel scale.
  • Element sizes adjust automatically while you’re designing.

It’s worth noting that with the 700 extensions compatible with Sketch, you can greatly expand your possibilities. That’s why it’s considered a graphic design application with immense potential.


Inkscape focuses heavily on vector graphics, which is one of the foundations of graphic design. After all, this is a critical aspect of graphic design:

  • It works on all three computer operating systems and is free.
  • TechRadar rates it 4 out of 5 stars.
  • It allows you to control nodes and make adjustments using the B├ęzier tool.
  • It offers excellent tools like pencil, transform, and ellipses.

There’s no denying that Inkscape is highly versatile, allowing for export to various formats, including PDF, OpenDocument, PostScript Drawing, DXF, sk1, EPS, and PNG.

Paint 3D

Up to this point, we haven’t discussed any tools that allow for 3D design. Paint 3D is a unique case, and we’ll show you why:

  • It’s exclusive to Windows and has a 4.3 rating according to Capterra.
  • Despite being free, it offers excellent features such as automatic image cropping.
  • It’s user-friendly, making it suitable for even the youngest designers.
  • You’ll have access to excellent textures and a wide range of brushes.

Anyone with a computer has used the Paint tool, which has now evolved into Paint 3D. This makes it easy for anyone to adapt to its use.


Do you want to become an expert in graphic design? You need an application with more advanced features. That’s why GIMP is a good choice, known for the following:

  • Available for Linux, Mac, and Windows.
  • It’s free and has a 3.5 rating by PCMag.
  • It allows you to crop and manipulate images, use RAW and CMYK color formats, and offers various brushes and the ability to create custom brushes.

GIMP is a tool designed for beginners looking to improve their skills. This free design software can help you achieve professional results without an investment.


Applications like LibreOffice have the particularity of being great for businesses. Can you imagine why this is the case? Let’s find out.

  • It’s free and compatible with the three major operating systems.
  • Rated 3.5 by PCMag.
  • The OpenDocument format gives you full access to your information from anywhere.
  • It offers templates for basic designs and animations.
  • You can access the drawing option with all its features to create brochures and other elements.

LibreOffice stands out as one of the options when it comes to office software. What many might not have expected is that it can also be used for free graphic design.


The first graphic design software we’ll analyze is Lunacy, which was launched on Windows, macOS, and Linux. Among its features, we highlight the following:

  • It’s completely free.
  • It combines artificial intelligence with graphic design to make your design work easier.
  • It has a rating of 4.7 stars in the Microsoft Store and 4.6 stars in the AppStore.
  • You can import designs from Figma.
  • It also allows you to create responsive designs through automatic layout.
  • You can modify web pages through linked design, avoiding inconveniences for programmers.
  • This graphic design software is designed for collaborative teams.

It’s also considered the ideal tool for designers who have already worked with Figma or Sketch. Beginners will find it easy to use due to the advantages of AI in each design.

Advantages of Working with Professional Designers

Even if you have access to the best free design software, it’s a good idea to turn to specialists in the field. After all, you can access benefits such as:

  • You’ll have the benefit of the experience of people with many years of experience working as designers.
  • You can access greater customization possibilities to project your brand’s image.
  • Communication will be more efficient when linking design with the company’s values.
  • You will never encounter plagiarism issues because the content created will be entirely original.

We should also highlight that professional designers are experts in using high-performance graphic software. This includes access to premium features that allow you to achieve better designs.

Aspects Beyond Visual Design in Brand Creation

Does only design or the use of free graphic software matter? The truth is, it doesn’t. There are other considerations when it comes to brand creation:

  • The customer experience is a central factor in a company’s marketing or design strategy. Customers should identify with the ideas you’re conveying.
  • Narrative is another important factor, as it’s necessary to generate interconnected content with a clear future. This is achieved through a story that serves as the foundation.
  • As mentioned earlier, there must be coherence between the message and the brand. If you’re going to emphasize a quality of your company through graphic design, it should be easily perceivable.

Indeed, building a brand is challenging, even if you have the best free graphic design software. That’s why I contacted an agency like New Discovery Agency.

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