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New Discovery at Inbound Growth MX 2023

Discover groundbreaking digital marketing strategies: Explore innovative SEO, AI, and automation insights that will revolutionize your business.
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At New Discovery Agency (NDA), we stay consistently updated on the latest trends and transformations in the fascinating world of digital marketing. Our participation in Inbound Growth MX 2023 reflects our steadfast commitment to staying at the forefront, immersing ourselves in a deep understanding of the industry’s changes and challenges.

What is Inbound Growth MX?

Inbound Growth MX 2023 is an event designed to drive business growth through inbound marketing and sales strategies. Focused on topics such as SEO, marketing strategies, sales tactics, and the latest trends in digital marketing, this event brings together marketing enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, and business owners. The goal is to provide essential insights and knowledge for explosive business growth.

Featured Speakers and Sessions

Google Ads – Christina Parra

nda blog content google ads christina parra

Artificial Intelligence in Everyday Life

Christina Parra highlighted the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) into everyday Google products, such as Google Maps, Google Assistant, YouTube Music, and Google Translate. These examples illustrate how AI simplifies daily tasks and facilitates language learning.

Automation in Digital Marketing

Parra emphasized the equivalence between automation and AI in digital marketing, highlighting how automation improves efficiency. She underscored the importance of not performing all tasks manually and leveraging available AI solutions.

Google Ads Growth Formula

She presented a four-step growth formula for Google Ads, including defining clear goals, adapting the business, measuring results, and selecting efficient campaigns like shopping, YouTube, display, search, etc.

Key Points:

  • AI in everyday life
  • Automation in digital marketing
  • Google Ads growth strategy

Ads and Branding – Carlos Gamez

nda blog content ads y branding carlos tames

Differentiation of Demand

Gamez explained the difference between covering and generating demand, emphasizing the need to create brand awareness before conversion.

Psychology of Search

He addressed how people think in concepts rather than keywords, highlighting the importance of understanding how users search for information.

Artificial Intelligence and Tools

He discussed using tools like Chat GPT + or Code Interpreter and how AI can be used to analyze data and optimize campaigns.

Financial Optimization

He emphasized the importance of considering profit margins and acquisition costs in marketing.

Key Points:

  • Differentiation of demand
  • Psychology of search
  • Application of AI in marketing

Hubspot – Camilo Clavijo

nda blog content hubspot camilo clavijo

Predictive and Generative AI

Clavijo differentiated between predictive AI, which predicts the future based on historical data, and generative AI, which creates new content from text to videos.

AI in Sales

He highlighted how AI enhances productivity and effectiveness in sales, assisting in prospecting, purchase prediction, and customer experience personalization.

Automation with Hubspot

He mentioned specific features of the Hubspot platform to automate tasks and improve efficiency.

AI and Human Connection

He emphasized that AI does not replace human connection in sales but frees up time to focus on building relationships and improving the customer experience.

Key Points:

  • Predictive and generative AI
  • Improvements in sales productivity and effectiveness
  • Automation with Hubspot

Atom – Diego Ávila and Nicolas Argüelles

nda blog content atom diego Ávila y nicolas argüelles

Nicolas Argüelles presented Atom as an innovative solution to automate messaging channels like WhatsApp, Instagram, and Messenger. He highlighted Atom’s strategic alliances with leading companies like HubSpot, Google, and Meta, contributing to increased conversion and productivity. Argüelles emphasized Atom’s efficient integration between HubSpot and WhatsApp, streamlining information flow and avoiding work on multiple platforms.

Automation and Efficiency in Customer Service

Atom excels in automation outside of business hours, ensuring continuous attention. The platform automatically assigns leads to the most suitable advisor, significantly improving efficiency in handling potential customers.

Lead Profiling with Chatbot

Argüelles explained how chatbots in Atom allow effective lead profiling, thereby increasing advisors’ capacity to handle large volumes of qualified leads.

Enhancements in Combined Strategies

Diego Ávila and Nicolas Argüelles highlighted strategies implemented to avoid lead loss, combining forms and messaging channels. In particular, they mentioned incorporating WhatsApp bots in social media advertising to direct traffic to offered products or services effectively.

Key Points:

  • Automation of messaging channels with Atom
  • Efficient integration between Atom and platforms like HubSpot and WhatsApp
  • Use of chatbots for lead profiling
  • Strategies to improve lead retention and response efficiency

Irradiate – José Alberto Esparza

nda blog content irradiate josé alberto esparza

Positive Energy is Contagious

José Alberto Esparza began by highlighting the importance of personal energy and attitude. He stressed that positive energy affects the individual, is contagious, and can significantly influence the environment. Esparza emphasized each person’s responsibility to spread enthusiasm and positivity, highlighting the substantial impact energy can have on various aspects of life, personally and professionally.

Setting New Challenges and Personal Growth

Esparza encouraged attendees to reflect on their personal growth, urging them to identify and set new challenges in different areas of their lives. He emphasized the importance of setting challenging yet achievable goals to stimulate personal and professional development—this part of his presentation aimed to inspire attendees to push their limits and explore new growth opportunities.

Key Points:

  • The importance and impact of maintaining positive energy
  • Individual responsibility to positively influence others
  • The importance of setting and pursuing new challenges for personal growth

Understanding these Trends and Changes is Crucial

Quotes from Jona and Liz

Liz Pasillas, Co-founder of New Discovery Agency

Jonalex Herrera, Co-founder of New Discovery Agency

Impact and Learnings

At NDA, we greatly benefited from attending this event. The sessions provided us with new ideas and strategies that we plan to implement, especially regarding integrating artificial intelligence into our processes and optimizing digital marketing campaigns.

Networking and Collaborations

The event provided excellent networking opportunities, allowing us to connect with essential companies like Hubspot and like-minded professionals to establish meaningful collaborations.


Always Learning for You!

Participation in Inbound Growth MX 2023 was an enriching experience crucial for our ongoing development and success. We invite you to learn more about our services and contact us to design the strategy to grow your business.