New Discovery Agency: Celebrating 10 Years of Industry Digitization Success

Every step we have taken, every challenge we have overcome, has been possible because of your trust and loyalty - this exciting journey would not have been the same without you!
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Looking back and contemplating the footprints we have left along the way is genuinely astounding. What seemed like a leap of faith ten years ago, a bold attempt to spread our wings and soar through a landscape filled with monumental changes has evolved into the catharsis that defines our identity today as a resilient, creative, and innovative company.

This month, we are excited as New Discovery Agency celebrates its tenth anniversary as a revolutionary agency in digital communication strategies and immersive experiences. Over the past decade, we have dedicated tireless efforts to become a benchmark in the industry, offering creative solutions to our valued clients.

We invite you to join us on this thrilling journey through the highlights we have experienced throughout this decade of success.

Before the Official Foundation: Our Need to Create

Before the official foundation of New Discovery Agency on July 4, 2013Jonalex Herrera, one of the co-founders, shared how his longing for creative freedom led him to make one of the most significant bets of his life.

After resigning from a managerial position with a few months’ savings in his pocket, Jonalex ventured into the uncertain world of freelance work as a web developer. In a short time, he secured solid projects that provided him with invaluable experiences. These insights laid the solid foundations upon which our agency would be built.

New Discovery Corp: Our First Steps in the Face of Adversity

In a sea of experience and recognition gained from various companies in the city, Jonalex, and Liz Pasillas felt confident that the time had come to embark on a new path and dive into unknown waters. However, after experiencing the bitter reality of downsizing at the production company where they worked, the spark of inspiration that gave birth to New Discovery Corp in 2013, a good production house in such a competitive market as the United States, emerged. At that precise moment, their determination strengthened, and great ideas began to take shape, transforming into projects of great value.

Although New Discovery Corp was born as a production house specializing in short films and documentaries, we quickly began to explore unconventional formats, such as 360° videos, opening new frontiers in our industry.

By 2016, we already had a series of established projects, including collaborations with renowned companies like Vix, who allowed us to work on campaigns for Disney and Target. However, aware of the need to stand out, we broadened our horizons and ventured into immersive experiences such as virtual reality, augmented reality, and 360° videos. Through this journey, our “80s Mashup” content, created in collaboration with Bash Music & Sound, was selected as “Best of 360” on the VR channel on YouTube, establishing us as leaders in integrating these cutting-edge technologies.

Nevertheless, we knew that the market for production houses was saturated in cities like Miami. We knew we had to diversify to continue growing and achieve our goals based on the knowledge acquired over the years. Between 2016 and 2017, we continued exploring immersive technologies. We were accepted into two business accelerators: “Create” at The IDEA Center at Miami Dade College and WINLab Miami at Babson College—two incubators that allowed us to validate our value proposition in this new direction.

During a visit to Ciudad Juárez, seeing the market saturation in Miami as a significant challenge, we saw a business opportunity and the possibility to innovate with the acquired knowledge. In December 2018, we decided to relocate to Ciudad Juárez, a city that had been Jonalex’s home for many years and where Liz Pasillas was born and lived for a significant part of her life.

Ciudad Juárez, a place where industry and innovation converge in constant dynamism, offered us a potential we could not ignore. With this in mind, we set out to define specific business units to address the needs of our future clients comprehensively. This gave rise to New Discovery MediaNew Discovery Tech, and New Discovery Film—three independent pillars that, when combined, produced outstanding results in their respective areas.

Our vision extended beyond audiovisual production; we understood that many clients needed support in their marketing processes. Therefore, we decided to incorporate comprehensive Digital Marketing services into our offering. This global vision of what we could provide to our partners allowed us to develop one of our main distinctive features: leadership in organic positioning (SEO), branding, web development, and design. Thanks to this, we became a preferred choice for those seeking a comprehensive solution in the competitive digital world.


Más de Uno (2013)

One of our first projects was the short film “Más de Uno.” Presented at the Indie Film Club in Miami, Plaza Classic in El Paso, and the International Short Film Festival in Ciudad Juárez, this short film showcased the creative talent that characterizes us. Directed by Jonalex, produced by Liz Pasillas, and sound design by Rockstar Studios. The goal was to depict the duality experienced at the northern Mexico-U.S. border.

Hola Color (2013)

In 2013, we were invited by Hola Color to participate in a week of workshops and conferences, where we delivered a talk focused on Cinematography accessible to all. This participation allowed us to share knowledge and establish connections with other professionals in the field.

Despierta Venezuela (2014)

Driven by our previous creativity, in 2014, we presented the documentary “Despierta Venezuela,” a fiction based on actual events. This story narrates various incidents in Venezuela after the death of Chávez and the imprisonment of Leopoldo López. This production allowed us to explore new ways of storytelling and generate significant social impact. Additionally, we held a press conference that positioned us as a production house with fresh ideas and fearlessness in the face of censorship.

Prohibido Callarse (2014)

Following the success of the short film “Despierta Venezuela,” Jonalex was invited to participate in a press circuit to discuss this production. “Prohibido Callarse” allowed us to share our vision and actively engage in social dialogue.

Jencarlos Canela – Artista Destacado (2015)

We coordinated the entire production for Batanga’s “Artista Destacado” project, where we worked with renowned talents like Jencarlos Canela and Ivy Queen. From production logistics to coordination with guests and their teams, we ensured the delivery of a unique and high-quality interview.

David Bisbal – Canciones (2015)

Another notable project was “Canciones para Batanga,” where we coordinated the entire production and directed an interview with David Bisbal. From logistics to post-production, we worked diligently to provide an unforgettable experience for the artist and the viewers.

Voyage Mia (2017)

After building a solid trajectory over five years, we were interviewed by Voyage Miami, where we shared our story: how Jonalex and Liz founded New Discovery Media. This multimedia production company found its home in South Florida in 2013. Since then, we have created engaging and branded digital content in the United States and Latin America.

Malabar (2018)

“Malabar” was a production where Liz participated as Assistant Director and co-writer. This project won an award at the Chihuahua Film Festival. It was broadcasted on HBO Latino, further solidifying our name in the industry.

La Promesa: The Moment We Merge Narratives and Technology (2018)

We collaborated with the History Miami Museum and carried out our second immersive project, “La Promesa.” We interviewed one of the first five Cuban rafters who arrived in Miami and presented the result in two exhibitions at the museum, creating an immersive and memorable experience.

Bronze Telly Awards (2019)

A year later, Liz participated in a production for an Orlando magazine that received the Bronze Telly Award. This recognition highlighted our ability to create high-quality content and emphasized our commitment to excellence.

New Discovery Tech: Our Bet on Innovation and Technology

When our Tech unit took its first steps, we never imagined how far it would go. It began to take off almost a year after its launch, and the promising future we had anticipated was about to become a tangible reality. In our efforts to promote what has become a key element in training programs and customer interaction, companies from various industries began to recognize the enormous potential of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR).

Thanks to this growing demand, New Discovery Tech embarked on significant projects across various sectors. In the medical industry, we collaborated with Johnson & Johnson to create immersive experiences that revolutionized how healthcare professionals interact with technological advancements. Our VR and AR solutions allowed doctors and specialists to immerse themselves in a virtual world where they could explore new procedures, practice surgical techniques, and enhance their knowledge in a safe and controlled environment.

But we didn’t stop there. The real estate industry also benefited from our technological vision. Enalte Desarrollos trusted us to create immersive virtual tours allowing potential buyers to explore properties from their homes. With our assistance, Enalte Desarrollos could realistically and captivatingly showcase architectural details, interior design, and outdoor spaces, providing customers with an interactive and engaging experience that brought them closer to their future homes before making any decisions.

These are just a few notable examples of how New Discovery Tech has impacted the industry. Our passion for innovation and technology drives us to continue exploring new horizons and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. We continue to lead the way in integrating virtual and augmented reality in various fields, offering creative and customized solutions that transform how businesses connect with their target audience.

Create Cohort (2017)

On May 22, 2017, New Discovery Media was selected to be part of the third cohort of the CREATE program, an initiative by the Idea Center that empowers startups by improving their existing prototypes through hands-on learning and customer validation. During this program, Mersyv emerged—a mobile virtual reality platform that incorporates elements from video games into the experience of music videos.

3rd HACKATHON | runGame 2019

During the exciting HACKATHON | runGame 2019 event, we delivered a fascinating talk titled “The Importance of Practical Creativity in Industry 4.0.” With enthusiasm and conviction, we highlighted the transcendental role that creativity plays in the fast-paced world of the technology industry. Our presentation captivated the audience, inspiring them to explore new frontiers and embrace the transformative power of creative innovation in this thrilling technological landscape.

Bosch Innovation Day (2020)

We were thrilled to be invited to the prestigious Bosch Innovation Day for the first time. It was an honor that provided us with an unparalleled opportunity to immerse ourselves in a vibrant atmosphere of ideas and technological discoveries. During this event, we had the privilege of sharing our knowledge and experiences while establishing valuable connections with other prominent leaders in the exciting field of technological innovation. It was an enriching encounter that expanded our horizons and inspired us to continue pushing the frontier of creativity and technology.

Festival Arte Nuevo (2020)

Immersed in the beautiful setting of Festival Arte Nuevo, we felt deeply honored to have the opportunity to deliver a captivating theoretical-practical Master Class titled “The Evolution of Art towards Technology.” In this inspiring session, we focused on the exciting development of augmented reality experiences, exploring the endless possibilities that unfold when art and technology merge in a creative embrace.

Innovación GCC (2020)

The Digital Innovation in Construction event was the perfect stage for Liz Pasillas and Jonalex Herrera to showcase our cutting-edge virtual reality, augmented reality, and 360-degree experiences explicitly designed for the industrial and real estate sectors. With passion and expertise, they enthusiastically shared how our innovative technologies transform how projects are conceived, organized, and constructed in these critical industries.

What Have We Been Involved in Lately?

Identity,Adaptable company,Creative company,Innovative company,Tenth anniversary,Revolutionary agency,Digital communication strategies,Immersive experiences,Industry benchmark,Creative solutions,Tour,Highlights,Decade of success

The Promise

We have developed a virtual reality documentary experience that puts the viewer in the perspective of the first individuals who successfully traveled from Cuba to Miami in a risky journey as refugees. It is a powerful combination of audiovisual memories from real refugees and migrants. “The Promise” raises questions about empathy and invites the viewer to reflect on the meaning of leaving everything behind in search of new opportunities.

Johnson & Johnson

New Discovery Agency is recognized and highly regarded by the Bio Webster Inc. team in Ciudad Juarez for contributing to immersive experience integration. Our involvement manifested in creating 16 immersive simulations specifically designed for training purposes. These innovative technological tools have revolutionized how people acquire knowledge and skills, providing engaging and realistic experiences that enhance learning.

Ruta Norte

At New Discovery Agency, our ongoing pursuit of adopting cutting-edge technologies in all areas of human life, along with our innate need to tell impactful stories, led us to develop a truly unique project: Ruta Norte. This virtual reality experience combines the capabilities of our Media, Film, and Tech units to communicate the arduous journey involved in migration through the deserts between Mexico and the United States strikingly.

Ruta Norte was made possible thanks to the support of the Eka Naweame 2020 program, an initiative by the state of Chihuahua dedicated to promoting culture. This support has been crucial in carrying out this project, which aims to raise awareness and empathy for the problematic reality migrants face in their search for a better life. Through exceptional storytelling techniques, we transport viewers on this perilous journey, showing them the hopes, challenges, and stories of those who struggle to cross borders in search of a brighter future.

Juárez Aumentada

Encouraged by the gratifying experience of Eka Naweame in 2022, we decided to participate again with our flagship project: Juárez Aumentada. This exciting augmented reality platform aims to digitize the history of Ciudad Juárez, the place that has been the birthplace of many of our ideas and where they have come to life.

Not familiar with Juárez Aumentada yet? We invite you to explore more about this fascinating project by clicking here. Through AR technology, you will soon be able to immerse yourself in a world where the past merges with the present. You will discover the rich history of Ciudad Juárez through interactive and visually stunning experiences. From the historical events that shaped the city’s identity to cultural landmarks and notable figures, Juárez Aumentada offers a new way to connect with this community’s legacy and vibrant spirit.

Identity,Adaptable company,Creative company,Innovative company,Tenth anniversary,Revolutionary agency,Digital communication strategies,Immersive experiences,Industry benchmark,Creative solutions,Tour,Highlights,Decade of success

The Growth of NDA: Recognitions and Collaborations

Throughout the years, we have brought to life projects that fill us with pride and have undergone a profound transformation. New Discovery Agency has reached new heights with a new image that reflects our essence and an exceptional team of collaborators who put their hearts into each business unit.

From the beginning, we have embarked on a proactive path, immersed in events, fairs, and business growth programs because we understand that the balance between creativity, technology, and networking is crucial for our continuous development. We have made this our pillar of success.

Unbound Global (2018): Empowering Female Entrepreneurs

In a vibrant setting at Unbound Global Miami, Liz Pasillas took on the “Female Startup Challenge” challenge with our innovative project, Mersyv. This exciting event brought together eight outstanding female entrepreneurs from across the Americas, who presented their groundbreaking projects live before a captivated audience and accomplished jury.

Our participation in Unbound Global’s “Female Startup Challenge” was a testament to our audacity and innovation and a step forward in the fight for gender equality in the business world. It was a moment to celebrate the talent and determination of women entrepreneurs and highlight their invaluable contribution to the global business community.

Startup Nation (2018)

At the prestigious Miami Dade College, at The Idea Center, the exciting Startup Nation event took place in 2018. On this stage, Liz stood out, passionately presenting our innovative project, Mersyv, to an audience of over 200 investors from Tel Aviv.

In her presentation, Liz emphasized the critical importance of technology and creativity in the current industry, conveying our vision of how Mersyv could transform the user experience.


WINLab (2019)

In 2019, Liz Pasillas was selected as New Discovery Media’s representative in the prestigious accelerator program “The Women Innovating Now (WIN) Lab Miami,” sponsored by Babson College. This unique opportunity provided us with an exceptional support and mentoring environment to further drive the growth and success of our company.

The WINLab program was explicitly designed to highlight and empower women entrepreneurs, providing them with resources and tools to take their ideas and businesses to the next level. Liz was chosen for her innovative vision and ability to lead with determination in the technology industry.

Talent Women in Innovation (2020)

In 2020, Liz Pasillas had the honor of participating in the panel “Talent Women in Innovation” organized by GCC. This inspiring event brought together prominent women entrepreneurs and leaders in the field of innovation to share their experiences and knowledge.

Liz stood out while sharing her exciting journey as an entrepreneur in the innovation field, with a particular focus on the Mexican industry. She highlighted the crucial role of women in the technology and innovation field and how their contribution has been fundamental in driving progress and change in this ever-evolving industry.

Breaking Barriers in Our Locality: Ciudad Juárez (2020)

In an interview for Diario de Juárez, we enthusiastically shared our mission to strengthen the commercial reach of businesses in Ciudad Juárez through our digital marketing units and the development of immersive experiences. We explained how our innovative and creative solutions enable local businesses to effectively connect with their customers and employees, utilizing the latest trends and technologies in the digital world. We are committed to breaking established patterns and bringing innovation to our community. We thank our clients and collaborators for their support as we work hard to make this vision of a prosperous and exciting business future a reality.

TECMA (2020): Women in the Industry

As part of the “Women in the Industry” conference organized by Tecma Group, Liz Pasillas had the invaluable opportunity to share the achievements, challenges, and trajectory of the New Discovery Agency. This notable participation highlighted our valuable contribution to the industry and our ability to drive innovation.

Join Us for Another Decade of Creativity and Innovation!

These were just some highlights from our first ten years as New Discovery Agency!

We are proud of everything we have accomplished. We thank our clients, collaborators, and followers for supporting this exciting journey.

With great enthusiasm, we look forward to continuing to innovate and create high-value content!