AMN Quality Solutions

About AMN Quality Solutions

What is AMN?

AMN Quality Solutions is a company that was founded more than 30 years ago in Ciudad Juarez, thanks to the vision of its founder Victor Corella. AMN’s focus is to provide specialized services to different industries and companies. Through innovative processes and high-tech equipment, it has expanded its services throughout Mexico and the United States, with central locations in Ciudad Juarez, Queretaro, and El Paso. As a result, it has positioned itself as one of the favorite manufacturing and quality service companies of large multinationals such as BRP and BOSCH.

However, AMN’s innovative spirit has led it to venture into a comprehensive catalog of services, such as Logistics and Warehousing, Advanced Manufacturing, and electronic component repair. This has given way to a more complex group, but always with world-class quality.

The Problem of AMN

AMN was starting a restructuring phase, seeking a renewed image and positioning itself above its main competitors. However, it needed to define its target audience, have a detailed overview of its competitors, and understand its geographical reach. To this lack of clarity in its message direction, there needed to be more communication of the scope of its services, dissemination of its talents, technologies, and participation in different events and conferences.

Thanks to recommendations within the industrial sector, AMN Quality Solutions managed to contact New Discovery Agency to join forces for a new image.

Our Strategy

Our first steps towards defining a successful strategy for AMN were to conduct thorough research on the market in which the company participated. This led us to define goals and target audiences, as well as a global understanding of the functional messages and where they should be directed.

Our main objective was to increase AMN’s digital positioning and reach and present it as a reliable company that uses high technology and has a culture of high quality. We also aimed to promote the dissemination of its various contributions and certifications, to build a socially responsible and innovative brand in its sector.

In addition to content marketing and digital positioning efforts and a rebranding, we focused on producing institutional videos that would serve as support for disseminating its methodologies and solutions. This would be complemented by direct support to its sales teams to obtain prospects and make sales closures with the necessary tools.

Our Results with AMN

At New Discovery Agency, we are thrilled to see how well-planned and intelligently created efforts achieve the expected results. AMN Quality Solutions has positioned itself as one of the top 3 industrial service providers in the region, placing itself at the top of search results with a friendly and comprehensive website. The brand has consolidated itself internally and externally with a more dynamic corporate image, reflecting the exponential growth stage in which AMN finds itself.

Thanks to openness and communication clarity, sales teams have received high-quality prospect contacts and active prospecting in events and summits with support materials. Together, our efforts with AMN have yielded excellent results that fulfill the proposed expectations and contribute to the growth of a brand that trusted us.Contact us today!

Necesidades de AMN Quality Solutions


In the restructuring process, AMN sought to renew its image and establish itself prominently in the competitive market. Its goal was to reflect its excellence and more than 30 years of experience in this new stage.


During this transformation, AMN faced the challenge of defining its target audience, deeply analyzing its digital competitors, positioning its wide range of services, communicating its advanced technologies, and active participation in relevant industry events.


The absence of effective communication and clear definitions affected AMN, limiting its visibility among competitors. This situation threatened its market positioning and potentially restricted its sales and growth opportunities.

The NDA Solution

Action Plan

New Discovery Agency proposed a comprehensive strategy that included a deep market study, defining goals and target audience, and identifying key messages to promote AMN.

Estrategias Específicas


  • AMN is now among the top 3 industrial suppliers in the region.
  • User-friendly and comprehensive website.
  • Business deals closed due to positioning.
  • Dynamic corporate image reflecting growth.
  • Sales teams with high-quality prospects.
  • Success in events with supplied support materials.
  • Effective materials for commercial missions.

We have implemented a SEO optimization strategy that achieved an impressive growth of 4,646.45% in web traffic, significantly increasing its visibility and digital exposure.

Thanks to our strategy, AMN went from having no presence on Google to ranking among the top results for key industry terms, achieving a remarkable increase of 2,055% in identified keywords.

We are delighted with the results obtained in our collaboration with New Discovery Agency. Their strategic approach and ability to understand our needs have helped us strengthen our image and reach our business goals. We would recommend NDA without hesitation.

Victor Corella
Founder of AMN Quality Solutions