AMN Quality Solutions New Discovery Media Digital Marketing Case Study

AMN Quality Solutions

What is AMN? AMN Quality Solutions is a company that was founded more than 30 years ago in Ciudad Juarez, thanks to the vision of



VEXPO Events, powered by New Discovery Tech is a fully immersive 3D platform for virtual events. It combines high-impact experiences with immersive technologies to replicate

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NCH International Trade Services

NCH International Trade Services is a company originally established in El Paso, Texas that provides fast and reliable international trade solutions, warehousing, and custom brokerage

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Vitahealth is a project seeking an innovative solution to the current opioid crisis by combining data analytics, cloud computing, and Smart Devices to enable new


Enalte: WebVR

Facing the Covid-19 pandemic, in Enalte Desarrollos, dedicated to the real estate sector, the need arose to show different properties for sale virtually and bring


Enalte: Virtual Reality

Due to Covid-19 pandemic, Enalte Desarrollos decided to showcase their different properties in a virtual way, bringing the experience of the sales process in virtual

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VIX: Canciones

VIX, one of the largest video publishers in the world with 70 million social followers and over 1.4 billion views every month, reached out to

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Downstream People

One call, different directors with the same initiative: Make films with a purpose, transmit quality content, make Miami known from a more artistic perspective.

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Escaramuza Down

Escaramuza Down: Corazón con Ángel and New Discovery Agency joined forces to convey a message and raise awareness of the incredible work that this association