Clipex.Mx is a Mexican company dedicated to the sourcing and distribution of office supplies and furniture for the manufacturing industry in Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua.


Clipex.MX wanted to expand its sales to the rest of the national territory without sacrificing current customers by modifying its current structure, however, they had already made efforts to create a website that did not bring them a competitive advantage.

In the process of knowing the client’s concerns about the positioning and digital transformation project, it was suggested to create a new brand derived from the current one to capture other market niches that have not been served, without affecting prices and previous sales efforts.


Currently, the project is in full implementation with the function of promoting its values and products nationwide. The strategies are focused on encouraging sales through different digital channels.

A functional shopping cart was created and mostly automated to the client’s needs. We worked on positioning and sales in a highly competitive market monopolized by international companies, giving added value to office products, which are essential for daily tasks, but the challenge is to change the consumer’s perspective on them.

We demonstrate our experience and abilities to communicate clear messages, the organization of an integral team, and capabilities to provide a service beyond what the client needs.



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