Comercializadora GTZ

Comercializadora GTZ is a national enterprise on the border between Mexico and the United States focused on the manufacturing and distribution of ESD and clean rooms products and fabrics for the automotive, aerospace, medical, electronic, and components industries. 


Comercializadora GTZ had an inadequate website for online selling, without actualizations, lack of product communications, and 0 integration to other digital platforms that could help to the increment of sales at a national level. They needed antistatic products and cleaning room management positioning, especially in Ciudad Juarez as their immediate reach, however, they also envisioned a national expansion. 

For Comercializadora GTZ, we were their first working experience with a digital marketing agency, which allowed us to show them new perspectives and a view of growth especially in the digital aspect despite the uncertainty other local agencies have left in Juarez based business. 


We have created trust in the client to show them the benefits of working with a digital marketing agency, brand positioning, and sales increase, guiding them in the digital transformation process. 

With this project, we have demonstrated that the products with specialized markets can be digitally positioned. The strategies were focused on the communication of the knowledge, experience, and capacities acquired along their trajectory. With the right message, we have accomplished the expansion of sales at a national level through digital efforts and an online catalog. 

We have shown the importance of doing market research for the implementation of adequate market strategies.


  • Research of local and international markets
  • Structure and synergy of the company philosophy and  current work operations  
  • Creation of website in an E-commerce format 
  • Integration of  digital tools and platforms 
  • Communication strategies 
  • Institutional Video
  • Photo-Product
  • Microcontent Video

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Comercializadora GTZ
Comercializadora GTZ

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