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Facing the Covid-19 pandemic, in Enalte Desarrollos, dedicated to the real estate sector, the need arose to show different properties for sale virtually and bring the experience of the sales process in an innovative and simpler way to reach different types of devices of potentially interested prospects.

Our New Discovery – Tech team, besides implementing Virtual and Augmented Reality services, offered a WebVR service, which is a more practical and accessible way to introduce Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality services from a web browser.

For Enalte Desarrollos, in addition to the adaptation of the Aruma and Azure houses, two subdivisions located in the city of Monterrey were also adapted.

These three virtual representations offer the same tour as the Virtual Reality version, where you can fully visualize each room and space of the properties. Through the menu, you can visit different areas such as the kitchen, main living room, bathrooms, and bedrooms, you can even switch from day to night to visualize the house and lighting at different times.


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