is a user-friendly interactive platform that digitizes the interconnections between the user, the product, and the process of a company, all in real-time through Industry 4.0 elements such as the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, among others., allows the efficiency of time, resources, and movements in the supply chain of an entire industrial plant, adding alerts for their optimization.


New Discovery – Media supported in identifying areas of opportunity, trends, and the target market in digital environments for the positioning of the project as part of its market research effort. The project also included branding and social media optimization focused on the manufacturing industry.

Following this first service, a web mapping was defined, where the sections corresponding to their brand were hierarchized based on benchmarking. Once the map was approved, the web development service was provided, from the basis of the web structure to the optimization for different search engines, as well as responsiveness for different mobile devices.

On the other hand, together with New Discovery – Media, our New Discovery – Film team channeled efforts to create the company’s institutional video.


These were our results for the two-month work plan we created:


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