Vexpo Expo on virtual reality, mixed reality

VEXPO Events, powered by New Discovery Tech


VEXPO Events, powered by New Discovery Tech is a fully immersive 3D platform for virtual events. It combines high-impact experiences with immersive technologies to replicate real-life scenarios. VEXPO Events develops flexible virtual properties, adaptable to any environment for all types of audiences. 

The launch of VEXPO Events was to support and create the execution of the “3RD Annual Medical Device Virtual Summit and Trade Show” for BIO El Paso-Juarez, opening the conversation to raise awareness of the importance of a healthy ecosystem and industrial network focused on economic development. For this project, we modeled real booths to create a fully virtual event experience based on the needs of the industry. 


We were able to transform any event into a digital environment, where participants were able to create business connections between vendors and hosts in a completely virtual and efficient way through chats, webinars, and video content, all from an immersive environment in real-time. 


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