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Vita Health, transforming the Opioid Crisis.


Vita health is a project seeking an innovative solution to the current opioid crisis by combining data analytics, cloud computing, and Smart Devices to enable new information flows between healthcare stakeholders to increase medication adherence and improve patients’ lives. 

Vita health came to New Discovery – Media seeking an optimal and integral strategy flow for its commercialization processes. We started our workflow by leading market research and identifying areas of opportunity. 


Our efforts were made to guide Vita health’s team to evaluate and make optimal decisions for the benefit of the implementation of marketing strategies and web positioning with an innovative and competitive concept, taking into consideration new trends and technologies. 

Our New Discovery – Media team, along with New Discovery – Film ended the project by successfully delivering an Institutional Video of the company.  The rest of the efforts were done with the participation of New Discovery – Tech included the design and development of a strategic website that included analytics measurement tools.


  • Web Development 
  • Institutional Video
  • Market Research 
  • Strategy Recommendations
  • Directory Subscriptions
  • Measurement Tools

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