B2B Social Media Strategies 2024: Innovate and Engage

Discover the latest B2B social media trends for 2024. How will they impact your marketing strategy? Read more now!
Discover the latest B2B social media trends for 2024. How will they impact your marketing strategy? Read more now!

Perhaps you’re wondering why it’s relevant to know the latest trends in B2B social media for 2024. Well, stay with us and keep reading, we’ll tell you all about it.

First of all, we need to answer the question: “What is B2B?” It’s a business model (short for business to business in English). That is, it’s a model that focuses on sales from one company to another. A company acts as a supplier to other companies operating in specific market sectors.

Social Media Strategies for B2B in 2024

The way of doing business has been constantly changing in recent times. Especially thanks to technological and digital advances that allow increasing advantages in the world of marketing. For this reason, we will now tell you about the best B2B marketing practices on social media.

B2B marketing is not lagging behind in terms of modernization. The AI revolution is reshaping our approach to marketing. This implies that companies have to adapt and modify their traditional strategies to meet the expectations of the modern B2B buyer. This is why it’s necessary to consider innovation in B2B social media strategies.

On the other hand, B2B social media strategies are crucial for branding and for finding the ideal audience segment. Not engaging in social media for marketing is a serious mistake in 2024 since most of society uses them, and that’s where potential buyers are.

Indeed, it is in social media where the best chance of making lucrative connections of value for your company lies. And that’s why you shouldn’t miss any of the trends in social media for B2B.

Emerging Trends in Social Media for B2B

As mentioned earlier, B2B trends for social media are numerous and up-to-date. Trends are generally based on what has been happening in a particular space or market. For example, to know how content marketing will change in 2024, we must look at the key trends shaping the industry.

However, we also need to look ahead to upcoming trends that may not be so evident in the present time. This is why analysis tools for B2B social media are crucial.

Taking this into account, we will focus on the most relevant points of information that show how marketers see marketing today, facing 2024. We will analyze where the world of marketing is heading and which direction is best to take from now on.

What’s New in the B2B Social Media Landscape

One of the main B2B trends for social media for 2024, without a doubt, is the use of AI. Generative artificial intelligence has made content generation much easier and faster for those involved in B2B marketing.

From performing a comparative analysis of headlines to drafting and checking writing, the tools provided by AI have proven to deserve a permanent place in content creation.

Given all of the above, then, the best B2B marketing practices on social media should consider the following trends:

  • Social channels used by B2B buyers.
  • SEO
  • Digital marketing tools that make you more visible to potential prospects.
  • Social communication tools that help you stay updated on the latest trends and popular topics.
  • Analysis tools to measure the results of your B2B marketing strategy.

Impact of these Trends on B2B

Put simply, social media marketing for B2B uses these platforms (from Instagram, through X, to TikTok) to position digital products or services in the market. This places potential B2B buyers as the focus of your target audience.

The impact of these trends in social media for B2B can be translated into some specific examples that we will detail below:

  • The most used platforms for content distribution for B2B marketing are social networks, email, and company blogs or websites.
  • 90% of marketers use social media for this purpose.
  • More than 95% of B2B marketers use LinkedIn to distribute their content marketing (followed closely by X, Facebook, and slightly behind YouTube and Instagram).
  • More than 80% of companies used ads on social networks and promotional posts on them 20% more than the previous year.

Best Practices for B2B Marketing on Social Media

To define the best B2B social media strategies, you must first answer two key questions: What are your business objectives? And: How can B2B marketing help you achieve them?

B2B marketing usually focuses on long-term goals, among which the most prominent are the following:

  • Create brand identity and recognition.
  • Build a strong credibility base.
  • Educate the audience about the product.

It’s essential to create a reliable social image to provide security to potential buyers; they will want to make sure you really know your business and can help them understand how it works. You must remember that it’s more important for them to trust you than your wallet, as with B2B purchases, potential risks tend to be higher.

Examples of Successful Implementation

One of the clearest examples of success stories in social media for B2B companies is the case of LinkedIn. LinkedIn’s newsletter is a trend in B2B social media marketing that has gone unnoticed.

This platform has offered more than 365 million subscriptions to its newsletter, with its reader audience tripling over the past year and now exceeding 1.3 million daily readers on the app.

This strategy acts as an additional distribution channel that doesn’t require much instrumental effort. You can use the LinkedIn newsletter to exponentially expand your content distribution reach; you just need the creator’s permission on the platform.

Check out some B2B newsletters on LinkedIn:



Tools and Analysis Techniques

It’s also extremely important to have appropriate analysis tools for B2B social media. This way, you can optimize the result of your efforts. You will need to exploit tools such as social listening tools, analyze the competition’s perspective, and define strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.

Knowing each of these points will be decisive in laying the groundwork for your B2B social media strategy. Pay special attention to those topics that your competition doesn’t address. Keywords, for example, represent a key opportunity to generate a list of interesting topics and create commercial insertion opportunities.

How to Adapt and Evolve in B2B Social Media Marketing?

To achieve a true adaptation that integrates this emerging type of business model, it’s essential to be aware of the latest B2B trends for social media. This is how true evolution can be achieved. For this, having specialized agencies in B2B social media will be fundamental.

Hiring an expert in B2B social media marketing can be the boost your company needs. In today’s times, adaptation and integration of new technologies are extremely relevant. Therefore, having a B2B marketing consultancy service on hand may be precisely what you’ve been looking for.

Are you ready to transform your B2B social media strategy? Contact New Discovery Agency for expert consultancy and take your business to the next level in 2024.