Influencer Marketing on LinkedIn: Why is it Important for Your Business?

Discover the Impact of LinkedIn Influencer Marketing on B2B Growth. Learn How to Leverage Influencers for Success in 2024!
Discover the Impact of LinkedIn Influencer Marketing on B2B Growth. Learn How to Leverage Influencers for Success in 2024!

Influencer marketing on LinkedIn has its own unique characteristics. Users on this platform are primarily professionals who make decisions based on precise and verifiable information.

It’s crucial to understand that this is a demanding audience, where many companies and their employees have a presence. The B2B field thrives on this professional network.

LinkedIn currently boasts over 740 million users, and this number continues to grow. In this environment, time is valuable, so the audience pays attention to authentic experts and leaders in their fields.

If you’re considering incorporating influencer marketing on LinkedIn, it’s essential to select a recognized and experienced professional. When you do so and integrate them into your digital marketing strategy, your business could experience significant progress.

Next, we’ll explain how and why.

Perspectives on Influencer Marketing on LinkedIn in 2024

Influencer marketing on LinkedIn has become a prominent tool in the realm of digital marketing for the B2B sector. In a saturated landscape of brands and proposals, influencer marketing proves its effectiveness.

It offers greater brand retention and a higher return on investment compared to other forms of advertising. The exposure multiplies</strong, and the audience repeatedly mentions the brand promoted by the influencer, signaling the advent of the era of B2B influencer marketing for 2024.

How Influencer Marketing on LinkedIn is Transforming B2B

B2B influencer marketing is surpassing other types of posts on LinkedIn. It is revitalizing this platform that used to be filled with competing relevant content.

Currently, there are more than 200 prominent content creators on LinkedIn who have become authorities in their respective industries. In a saturated environment of ads and similar proposals, these expert professionals stand out.

When a company associates its product or service with the right B2B influencers, it achieves greater visibility among its target audience. Digital marketing specialists have recognized the impact of LinkedIn influencers and understand that it’s a resource here to stay, transforming corporate communication.

Maximizing LinkedIn’s Potential for Business Growth

LinkedIn was created to facilitate exchange between businesses. It fulfills that purpose excellently. It is the network for professionals par excellence, where people interact to exchange and gain specialized knowledge.

Therefore, when implementing influencer marketing on LinkedIn, you enhance this exchange in favor of businesses. Your growth will be exponential, as the audience to which this B2B influencer is directed is the target your company aims for.

Current Perspectives on Influencer Marketing in B2B Companies

Companies are clear that influencer marketing is the best way to reach their specific audience. With influencers, they achieve:

  • A audience with higher trust in their products or services.
  • An audience that remembers the brand because a professional introduced it.
  • More leads and sales.
  • More followers or a larger LinkedIn audience.

The Rise of Authentic Collaborations and Connecting with Specific Audiences

The LinkedIn influencer has more power to influence than any other. Their audiences are specific and have knowledge that makes them ideal for certain brands.

While they are on the rise, many doubts surround companies before choosing this strategy.

  • How to become an influencer on LinkedIn?
  • How to become an industry authority?
  • Does LinkedIn pay creators?
  • Who pays LinkedIn influencers?

These and many other questions currently assail companies before deciding to move forward with this strategy.

The goal is to establish relationships between your business and that influencer who excels in your industry. These types of authentic collaborations are seen as genuine and credible to an audience eager for concrete information.

Impact on Lead Generation and Credibility in the Market

The LinkedIn influencer program directly impacts the desired target. A person who stands out for their knowledge and experience in a specific industry, when they present your brand, will generate:

  • Trust
  • Credibility
  • Leads

These three elements are the key to the success of an influencer advertising campaign on LinkedIn.

Exploring the Landscape of LinkedIn for B2B Influencer Marketing

LinkedIn is the ultimate network for professionals. That’s why it’s ideal for a person with knowledge and experience to make it available to their followers. They can take a brand to an impressive level of promotion.

Potential of LinkedIn as a B2B Platform for Influencer Marketing

LinkedIn is not only a fertile ground for influencers. It is also an ideal space for the exchange of truthful and reliable information. Therefore, it is a social network with the potential to continue to be exploited. It is a meeting point for professionals and decision-makers in search of data and verifiable expertise.

Distinguishing LinkedIn Influencer Marketing from Other Social Networks

LinkedIn influencer marketing is different from that on other social networks because its audience is different. These influencers do not have as many followers on this social network as an artist would have. They cater to a qualified target with specific knowledge of an industry or service. In other words, it’s a smaller audience, but highly valuable for business.

Establishing Meaningful Connections with Professional Audiences

This is the strong point of this strategy. Much more meaningful connections will be established because the audiences are professionals. They will connect with the influencer if they consider them:

  • An expert in an activity or industry.
  • An opinion leader.
  • A recognized professional.

The influencer will convey credibility and trust to their audience based on their knowledge and experience.

Steps to Execute a Successful LinkedIn Influencer Marketing Campaign

As in all marketing, there must be a plan to follow. You cannot improvise. The same goes for running a successful influencer campaign on LinkedIn. To do so, you need to start by:

  • Identifying relevant influencers in your industry: they must be professionals with proven experience in your field.
  • Creating collaboration strategies: you need to focus on creating high-impact and truly valuable content for your audience.
  • Boosting brand visibility and generating trust: it’s necessary to engage an influencer who cares about their audience and generates views; otherwise, it won’t work.

Additionally, it’s crucial to consider other aspects:

  • Know the ideal audience for your business.
  • Have a clear goal to achieve and a compelling message.
  • Find the category of influencer that best suits your brand’s communication.

By keeping these aspects in mind and developing them properly, your campaign has a future.

Building Strong Relationships with LinkedIn Influencers

It’s worth mentioning that this isn’t about hiring an influencer for a campaign and then walking away. On LinkedIn, it’s ideal to build a long-term relationship where the brand is strengthened by being recommended by an expert. Therefore, it’s essential to have a clear understanding of the following topics:

  • The importance of the brand-influencer relationship on LinkedIn: it’s crucial to show the influencer that the relationship with your brand will benefit them.
  • How to establish authentic and long-term connections: you need to provide a clear message with the multiple advantages of this relationship.
  • Mutual benefits: the result of this authentic relationship will be the growth of the influencer and the positioning of the brand.

In this way, both parties benefit and strengthen each other. They mutually enhance their position.

Smart Selection of LinkedIn Influencers

To make a smart selection of influencers, it’s necessary to know a bit more about them.

Different Categories of LinkedIn Influencers

Not all influencers are the same, and they don’t hold the same value for your brand on this social network. There are different categories based on their reach:

  • The ones with the widest reach, as their audience consists of over 1 million people: these are the Megainfluencers.
  • Those with over 100,000 followers, experience in various subjects, and thus reaching a more diverse audience: they are Macroinfluencers.
  • Those with a smaller number of followers (between 1,000 and 100,000), but with constant and meaningful interaction: they are Microinfluencers.

Each of them interacts differently with their followers, and, therefore, their reach varies as well. It’s important to consider this when making your choice.

Evaluating the Authenticity and Reach of an Influencer

To evaluate if an influencer is suitable for your brand, pay attention to the topics they typically cover, how they address them, and the tone they use. Their message must be consistent with your company, as well as the values it promotes.

Focusing on Value and Relevance for Your B2B Audience

The influencer you choose must focus on certain values that they should share with your company and their audience. Their message must be relevant to the audience and related to your business.

Don’t try to force a relationship. If these issues cannot be found equally in all parties involved in the communication, then it is not suitable for your brand.

Optimizing Content Strategy for LinkedIn Influencer Marketing

If you’re wondering how to add influencers to LinkedIn, the key lies in the strategy. To make it successful, pay attention to the content you share. It must be of high quality, resonate with the audience, and tell authentic stories. These are also the keys to becoming a LinkedIn influencer.

The Role of Quality Content in Influencer Marketing Success

It’s important that the content the influencer handles is of high quality. Furthermore, they must be committed to their audience and the message they convey.

Creating Content that Resonates with Professional Audiences

Professionals on LinkedIn expect authentic and industry-relevant content. There is no room for improvisation.

Incorporating Authentic Stories for Greater Impact

Sometimes, there’s no need to search for ideas everywhere. Authentic stories have the greatest impact on the audience. These are the ones that should be present in the influencer’s messages.

By caring for the content and considering the mentioned points, your campaign has a high chance of success.

Maximizing the Benefits of LinkedIn Influencer Marketing

What are the benefits of running a campaign of this kind? These three are the main ones:

  • Generation of qualified leads and growth in the database.
  • Enhancement of brand credibility and building long-term relationships.
  • Contribution to positioning your business as an industry leader.


Recapping the Benefits of Influencer Marketing on LinkedIn for B2B

There is no doubt about the multiple benefits of this marketing strategy on a network for professionals and businesses. A successful campaign will generate more leads, brand recognition, and elevate it to a leader and industry reference.

However, there are many variables to consider when carrying it out. We invite you to contact New Discovery. In this agency, you will receive personalized advice on influencer marketing strategies and advanced digital solutions.

At New Discovery, the LinkedIn influencer agency, we are prepared to grow your brand in the digital marketing world. Contact us!

FAQs about LinkedIn Influencer Marketing in 2024

Who is the most influential influencer on LinkedIn in 2024?

Neil Patel holds that title, known for his expertise in social media, SEO, traffic, and marketing.

What defines an influencer on LinkedIn in this era?

They must be a seasoned professional with proven expertise.

How many followers are required to be an influencer on LinkedIn in 2024?

You need to have at least 1,000 followers.

What is the primary platform used for influencer marketing this year?

Instagram remains the most widely utilized platform among influencers this year.