New discovery at BosCh Innovation Day


Every year, the Bosch Innovation Day opens the doors to a select group of companies in the region with the intention that their different departments can keep abreast of new technological proposals and options in the market that can improve the processes employed by Bosch

This year, the New Discovery Agency team was fortunate to be among the participants sharing space with important, and above all innovative, companies such as Rexroth, AD, Insights Empowering Decisions, Centro de Inteligencia Artificial and Digital Transformation.

We were able to see first-hand how companies are developing new techniques and processes that companies like Bosch can use to improve their production efficiency. 

We were also impressed by the commitment of the Bosch team to continuous improvement. The experience was a valuable learning opportunity for us, and we are grateful to have had the chance to participate.

This event is a great opportunity for new companies to learn about the latest innovations in the industry and also allows established companies to keep up with the latest trends.

It also allows companies to receive feedback and improve their offerings. All in all, Innovation Day is a beneficial event for both new and old companies in the industry.

For us it was very fruitful to show the capabilities of our Tech unit, mostly focused on software development in virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed reality and WebXR. But not limited to that, we also operate in our Media unit, with solutions in Marketing and Positioning or FILM, supporting companies with audiovisual productions.

New Discovery Agency’s Innovation Path

New Discovery is a digital agency specializing in Immersive technology, marketing and storytelling. We were born as a production house in 2013 and have since grown to include three business units: MEDIA, TECH and FILM.

It was in 2019 when we took our operations to the border area of Ciudad Juarez and El Paso, sister cities that were home to many of the most relevant industries worldwide. From day one, our goal was to offer new possibilities for the industrial market, driving the adoption of immersive technologies, B2B marketing excellence and impactful audiovisual productions thanks to its good storytelling.

The projects that have positioned us

Johnson & Johnson “Immersive Technologies Training Center”

We developed 10 virtual reality and 4 augmented reality applications for the first immersive training center at JnJ Bio Webster. Read More.

Ruta Norte: Identidad Fronteriza

One of our projects that have united private companies and institutions in favor of the development of culture. Ruta Norte: Identidad Fronteriza is a virtual reality documentary made through the fiscal stimulus for culture and art EKÁ Newame with the support of the company BRP Mexico, the secretary of culture and the government of the state of Chihuahua. Read More.

Athena Interactive App

Una aplicación móvil que permite realizar experimentos químicos de una manera interactiva y divertida buscando un proceso de aprendizaje dinámico. Read More.

Augmented Reality App for the International Balloon Festival in Albuquerque New Mexico 

As a way to maintain the tradition within the International Ballon Festival in Albuquerque, the New Discovery team developed an augmented reality application focused on giving the audience the opportunity to bring the festival to the comfort of their own home and to customize their own balloon, spin it and take off in it as if they were at the real festival. 

Enalte Desarrollos Immersive Technologies

Due to the contingency of COVID-19, Enalte Developments was looking for new ways to present their properties virtually even before they were built.  For them we developed and implemented a project that covered augmented reality, virtual reality and Web XR.

Virtual Trade Show Development VEXPO

The BIO El Paso-Juarez Cluster provides a space to highlight the biomedical ecosystem and accelerate the formation, expansion and retention of corporations to the region. 

Due to the contingency of COVID-19, we developed a platform for virtual events called VEXPO where participants had the opportunity to have their virtual booth, promote their business and interact in real-time.

A constant search for innovation

At New Discovery Agency we are faithful believers that there will always be new ways to communicate, learn and work. That’s why we embrace the avant-garde as one of our values.

Participating in events like Innovation Day helps us reaffirm our commitment to the industry to always have a revolutionary vision.
Do you want to implement solutions with immersive technologies? It’s time to contact us.