Virtual and Augmented Reality: a Promising Future

Immersive technologies are being integrated into our lives at an increasing rate. The most recent trends in this area include things like virtual reality, augmented realities and mixed reality.

The most recent trends in immersive technologies are going to be a huge part of this year and next. From improvements on artificial intelligence, virtual reality training programs for medicine or military use cases; these innovations will make our lives better!

Some sources told us that by next year more than 100 million consumers will buy online using augmented reality since with the arrival of 5G we expect an upgrade in technologies.

Some brands are utilizing immersive technologies to show how their products work. One such company is IKEA, which has used augmented reality in a campaign for its latest line of kitchenware-the MALMA sofa designed by creatives at Frog Maher Sabatier LLP (FMLS).

L’OREAL’s “Makeup Revolution” app was also created recently using an immersive video component where you can virtually try on dozens of different looks from some of today’s top makeup artists right before your eyes! 

The AR & VR, technologies utilized by customers in actuality

It is abundantly clear that augmented and virtual reality has reached 46% in the last year to be utilized by little businesses. Thanks to these technologies, shops were able to fulfill the most difficult expectations of their consumers with ease.

More and more, buyers are redefining what it means for an experience to be worth their time. This is why little business owners have started using VR & AR in order to offer the best possible customer service both inside or outside of stores- giving them everything they could hope from shopping without ever leaving home!

AR & VR are changing the role that technology play in our lives.

For example, some people have started integrating cognitive functions into their everyday devices with new technologies such as HoloLens by Microsoft or Oculus Rift from Facebook Games Team – all this while still providing accessible prices for everyone to enjoy them too.

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Learn with us which is the ideal technology for your company?, if it’s VR, MR, or AR.  #livevirtual.