Mastering Social Media: Key Business Strategies for 2024

Master social media in 2024! Discover key social media strategies for businesses. Connect with your audience, create authentic and personalized content.
Master social media in 2024! Discover key social media strategies for businesses. Connect with your audience

Social media strategies for businesses will be the protagonists of any digital marketing campaign. In 2024, the use of social networks will continue to grow, and it’s easy to see the reason behind this growth.

Users connect through them, without geographical, political, or language limits. Surely, as an internet user, you have already noticed that information exchange and communication are agile and continuous. Currently, it is estimated that there are 4.5 billion frequent internet users on social networks.

It is expected that this number will continue to rise. If your client is there, you also need to be there. Do you realize the opportunity that social networks offer you?

You can be in front of a potential client and speak to them directly. That is the fundamental reason why social media strategies for businesses cannot be missing from your marketing campaign. We want you to know them and master them so that your company achieves success in 2024.


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Exploring social media marketing trends

There are always social media marketing trends emerging that facilitate your company’s approach to these internet users. Do you think new technologies don’t affect your business? We must tell you that they do.

The marketing tools you use are not immune to these changes. These new trends allow you to reach more people in a more accurate way. That is why we want you to know them.

The latest in social media

Agencies offering digital marketing services for social media need to be aware of these trends. Mastering them enables them to offer their clients the best engagement practices on social media.

These trends are what will ensure them more and better results. Let’s get to know them:

  • Authentic and hyper-personalized content to connect with customers: Personalized experiences created based on data analysis that is more easily collected with the help of artificial intelligence.
  • Attentive observation, analysis, and understanding of internet users’ comments: This process, also known as “social listening,” is key to achieving effective communication.
  • Voice Search Optimization (VSO): Voice searches. This entails changes related to providing specific and natural responses to the user’s most common questions. You must anticipate them and be prepared to respond to how, when, where, among other things.
  • Microinfluencers: They are closer to the user, see things from their same perspective, and this captures the attention of other users with similar characteristics. Reviews from a user who tried the product and shares their experience are more valuable. Small communities with similar tastes, interests, and queries are created. You can connect with them more closely.
  • Use of new technologies such as augmented reality and immersive experiences: these are just some of the tools that advanced technology offers for digital marketing.

These new social media marketing trends entail changes in communication. We can even affirm that the impact of social media on B2B is also significant.

The same companies become closer and have more empathetic messages to offer their customers. The result will be smoother, effective, and genuine communication.

How these trends affect your business

Gone are the days of salespeople resorting to fictitious arguments. Today, what matters in any business at any level is the most real experience possible for the internet user to identify with it.

A multitude of messages are exchanged on social networks. To make your business stand out among them, it is necessary to implement these trends. They bring you closer to the user.

Not only that, they allow you to know them and give them exactly what they need. That’s why we insist that if you don’t want your business to be ignored, it is necessary for your company to adopt them. It is crucial that your company has a strong online presence.

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Best engagement practices on social media

The goal of any digital marketing campaign is to achieve the highest possible engagement. What does this mean? Simply put, as indicated by this English term, achieving some degree of “commitment” from the audience towards a product, business, or company.

Connecting with your audience

How can you achieve that commitment for your business? First, by using the aforementioned trends. Some of the best practices to achieve this goal may be:

  • Offer attractive promotions to your followers showing them that you know what they like: this type of practice is ideal for Instagram or TikTok.
  • Provide quality content based on your community’s interests: here we must differentiate between different social networks. To give you an example, on X (formerly Twitter), accurate and real information is the fundamental interest of any community. On LinkedIn, it will be any data related to an industry or service. Each social network has its peculiarities.
  • Ensure that all content is followed by a call to action that tells them what you expect from them: on a network of professionals and companies like LinkedIn, the call to action is not crucial. They already know what to do, and if you sent the right message, they will come looking for you. However, when you use Instagram, Facebook, or TikTok, networks where the audience is more generalized, it cannot be missing.
  • Initiate conversations that motivate your followers to continue the exchange: this practice applies to any social network.
  • Enrich all your content with images and videos to make it more attractive: visual content is key to capturing attention on any social network.

Do you realize the level of relationship you start to establish with your followers through these practices? It is a personalized and unique relationship.

Case studies

Would you like to know about some success stories of companies that have implemented these practices? Follow these links to find out:

All of them are success stories that have adopted these practices and trends, and their business has fundamentally changed. Their relationship and communication have become closer and adapted to the needs of their customers.

The impact of social media on B2B

Companies, like end users, have specific profiles and needs to satisfy. Social networks facilitate communication with them, allowing you to provide exactly what they are looking for. It is crucial that if you have a B2B business, you adopt social networks to communicate more and better with other companies.

Effective B2B strategies

If you’re wondering how to use the new trends in a B2B business, here are some effective strategies:

  • Select the appropriate social network to showcase your business.
  • Create human, sensitive, authentic, and close content.
  • Use creativity in your content.
  • Create a strategy that integrates social networks with other marketing actions of your company (email marketing, website, among others).

As we have already said, use videos and images to capture the attention of another company.

Measuring success in B2B

All these strategies must be complemented with a comprehensive performance analysis on social media. If you don’t measure your actions, you will hardly know if they worked or what you need to modify for them to work.

Social media performance analytics

To measure the impact of social networks on the B2B sector, you just have to do one thing: observe how your audience behaves. Do you want to know what you should pay attention to? Fundamentally, their behavior.

Tools and techniques

Some of the techniques that will allow you to know how you stand with your audience are:

  • Paying attention to your followers’ comments.
  • Track to see if they share your content and how many times they do.
  • Control the number of times your business is mentioned, clicks, the interaction rate, among other issues.

All this will give you a clear idea of how you stand with your audience on social networks. However, a digital marketing agency has many more tools to offer you and make the most of the metrics of a campaign.

Interpreting data for business success

The metrics of any marketing action are important, but it is key to know how to interpret them. Understanding what a certain number of comments from our followers means will allow us to change the course of our campaign.

There are tools that help quantify the movements of our followers. The interpretation of these results will help provide your community with more accurate and close messages to their needs.

Exploring commercial solutions in social media

Internet users receive countless commercial proposals every day. How can you stand out in that sea of messages? It is necessary to look for commercial solutions tailored to your business.

Digital marketing services for social media

The various services offered by a digital marketing agency are the direct path to these tailored commercial solutions. Some of them are:

  • Analysis and development of a website.
  • Strategies to help you create content empathetic to your followers’ needs.
  • Use of technology to create unique and memorable videos, content, and experiences.
  • Analysis and understanding of the metrics that social media campaigns yield.

This is just a brief description of the multiplicity of services that exist. All of them can help you better position your business on social networks.

Strategic consulting

All these services are handled with ease by a digital marketing agency. You don’t need to handle measuring your followers’ comments yourself.

We can provide you with examples of companies we have served, and whose results show the success of our management. NCH International Trade Services is a company that provides solutions in matters related to international trade.

Through consultancy, a strong campaign was generated that included web development, social media management, and market analysis, among many other marketing actions.


Doing all that would be tedious and would take away time that you need to dedicate to your company. It is a job that you must entrust to social media strategy consulting.

Managing a presence on social networks for companies is one of our specialties. We know the social media strategies for businesses that best fit the trends of 2024. Hiring a social media marketing agency is key to achieving success in your business.

Ready to dominate social networks in 2024? Contact New Discovery Agency to boost your social media marketing strategy and achieve exceptional results. Let’s talk!